Hybrid inverter setup: these numbers don't make sense

I have mentioned before that I have 2 hybrid inverters in my setup.

So when there is not enough PV generation, my PV CT’s read usage.

This is yesterday’s overview:

Production: -2.8 kWh
If my electric heaters & rest of the house used more kWh than was generated by PV I could understand that.

Usage: 20 kWh
As can be seen, after 10PM and often into the next day, I charge my EV.
That is not connected to my inverter setup so does show up as usage.

To grid: 32.3 kWh

From grid: 19.9 kWh

If we take those 2 numbers and add them up:
32.3 kWh exported to grid minus the 19.9 kWh I imported from the grid,
I should still have a net export of 12.4 kWh

Lets see what my utility company says about yesterday:

When I add up all the negative bars:
Screenshot from 2022-12-21 08-19-01
That would be within margin of the 32.3 kWh Sense reported that was exported to the grid.

According to my utility I used 21.25 kWh which is close to the 20kWh “usage” from Sense.
But there was not a surplus of energy. I imported more from the grid than I exported.

Could someone please explain to my the numbers I see don’t add up ?
Purely from a technical standpoint, the Sense monitor has all the information it needs (import/export grid) and (import/export to PV Ct’s) to make an accurate energy flow of my home.
It just needs to be coded differently to make it work for me, and that doesn’t mean that people with conventional solar without hybrid/batteries should be getting the same data they are seeing now.

Dec 22, 2022, 10:11 EST

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