Why are they ignoring the nature of Hybrid (also called AIO (all-in-one)) inverters?

My 8000 watt hybrid inverter with 24kWh of batteries is hooked up correctly to my setup.
Working as expected.
The house load is basically behind the hybrid inverter.
During the day my loads are -mostly- fed by the PV, when the batteries are full and loads covered it even exports to the grid.
Since my AIO feeds the load directly, Sense is not able to detect the usage/loads.
I am okay with that.
I am disappointed in the fact how Sense uses the signals from both the Grid & Solar CT’s.

Currently my house loads come from the grid, which is connected to the Solar CT’s.
As you can see this picture in the web page:

Screenshot from 2023-10-15 21-36-23

Sense clearly measures the input from the grid as 1076 watts.
It detects 1035 watts going TO my solar hybrid inverter (-1035 watt)
Add to that the 41 watt (phantom) load I haven’t hooked up to the house sub panel.
It all adds up: 1035+41=1076
But the software can/does not compute/recognize that there is flow of energy to the solar.

All counters for usage etc are thus incorrect calculated.

The more these hybrid systems get installed, the more people would find out that the basic data from/to grid and what is used/fed back are inaccurate.

I understand that correcting this, probably means a complete re-write of the basics of Sense’s energy flow process. I just wish somebody would care enough about it to at least to recognize that it is needed and maybe in the future will be implemented.

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