Loads behind hybrid inverter

My first hybrid inverter is hooked up to the load of my system and basically has a little bit of over production that lowers my usage during the day (few hundred watts)
Since a month I added the new 2nd hybrid inverter. It has 3 PV strings hooked up to it and basically has been performing like a grid tie inverter till today.
Today I hooked a secure load panel and started moving breakers over from the main panel to the secure load sub panel.
Sun has set and now ofcourse I suddenly see a load on the solar CT’s.
Where up to yesterday, all my inverters would have a constant 35 watt draw during sun down, it now shows the loads and soon more will be added.
One of the loads that I moved is on a smart plug and now shows up like this:
Screenshot from 2022-08-19 21-13-15

111+611 = 722 Watt
730-162 = 568 Watt
Numbers don’t add up.
Currently I don’t have batteries hooked up (weekend project)
But I have to assume this is going to be messy with the numbers.
Anyone else have a hybrid inverter and has experience with usage/production numbers?

Comparing with the smart meter reading. the real load from the grid is 162+730= 892 watt
Other users still don’t match that number.

Danny, im having the problem and i have batteries

Sense is made for a certain configuration:
2 possible sources of electricity: solar & grid and you have the loads.

With hybrid inverters on the rise the loads suddenly get hidden by the solar generation (pv or battery powered inverter as the source)
I understand why sense is not functioning, but i see the future more and more with batteries next to solar to both help fight the ludicrous rates of the utilities eg my current rate:
Screenshot from 2022-08-22 21-25-14
But also to make the draw from the grid less, the so called duck curve, we will have to integrate V2G (ev vehicle to grid) to make everything work.
A video I liked very much is this one:

Be sure to listen to Jose Torre-Bueno’s presentation which starts at 48:00. And his remarks about the CPUC (California Public Utility Commision) at 1:01:00.

All in all more and more loads will start to “hide” from the current sense setup and unfortunately there is no cure in sight to loose reliable detection of load signatures with hybrid setups (imo)

Moved 90% of he house today behind my hybrid inverter.
Sense no longer recognizes the signatures of my coffee machine etc.
Hybrid inverters & Sense don’t match, unless I put the sense behind the Hybrid inverter but then the solar won’t work because i have solar from from hybrid & grid-tie only inverters combined.
Also the remaining 10% of the house are the heavy users: electric hybrid warm water heater, electric dryer, central AC & induction stove are not on the hybrid inverter.
So those still are recognized for now as far as they were recognized == AC & electric dryer
Choices choices.

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