How to hookup a hybrid inverter?

We had a few power interruptions over the last few months.
I have a few home servers running and instead of putting a UPS in between, I hooked a hybrid solar inverter. It is hooked up to an 8kWh battery pack and the output of the inverter is feeding my 19" rack.
During the day I have a bunch of solar panels that charge the batteries.
The inverter is able to put the extra solar power back into the grid.
During a power outage during the day the solar will keep my batteries charged and provide power for the load. When there is no solar support, it will drain the battery bank. It is (imo) the ultimate UPS setup.
I currently have it hooked up to the load side of my service panel. During the day I now go negative on my load side, so I have no more “always on” popping up. When there is no sun, it pulls the power from the load & the overhead of the inverter.

If I were to connect it to the solar producing point, I would have a large usage during the 16 hours the sun isn’t shining and when it does, sense is not measuring the generation because it basically compensates for usage first and only when there is a surplus will it go back into the grid (so far I have seen about 250-300 watt going into the grid).

I have to assume more people with hybrid setups are using sense.
How/where did you hookup the inverter?

Danny… We just got our solar system going late last fall. For years I have a ‘generator port’ on the outside of the house to plug in a portable generator. It is a 30 amp 220 twist lock plug. Now I understand this is what most people would do… And I don’t care… hi.hi… I put up 5 kW of solar panels in the garden. Growing electricity now… Then I put up a separate shed… 12 by 16 just south of the house for my solar equipment. Batteries and inverters (9kW) in the shed. Ran wire from the panels to the shed and charge controller etc… Ran 220 cable near the generator plug for the house. Twist lock cable from there to house as if it were a generator… My Solar generator… Have knock 60 percent off our electric bill last fall into winter the short time I have had it running. Can go into more details if there is interest… My 2 cents… Gerry

Good to hear you got infected by the solar bug and you are doing great.
I already have solar hooked up for 12+ years.
In fact I produce more solar than I use:

This includes driving an EV for 15k miles/year, heating, cooking & drying electric
This year I will replace the gas warm water heater (16 years old) with a hybrid electric one and after that I will be able to get rid of Natural gas. Looking forward to that!

I might have formulated my question not the right way.
Sense solar has 2 sets of CT’s: one for usage, one for solar generation.
Obvious what goes where.
But a hybrid solar inverter is both a user & a producer.
Where do you hook it up? production side or usage side ?
Currently I have it on the usage side but now my graph looks like this:

Danny… I just run the one set of cables… I don’t have a second set… They would go on my generator in and can’t see that yet… Maybe I will give it another thought later this summer… Sorry…Gerry