I am not seeing Other category in download file

Am I doing something wrong with my download that the Other Category is not coming down in the downloaded CSV file. I pulled last month daily into Excel and when I start looking at the data in a pivot table I realized that the category is missing. I see Always On, but not Other

For reasons unrelated to this thread the Other category is 70%+ of my total energy usage visible to the Sense so it’s resulting in a large gap in the total data reported with a download.

Am I missing something?

I assumed there was an “Other” in the export, but as you point out, it isn’t there. Other really equals Total Usage minus all other usages (plus negative Solar Production if you have solar)… When you do a wide pivot table with all devices, add a column that is Total Usage minus the sum of known devices.

I’m sure I can back my way into it but when you pull the hourly for a month, it gets kind of cumbersome. It seems the app is just calculating that on the fly and not actually recording it. Feels like an enhancement request

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Agree that that seems like a reasonable enhancement request. Especially since “Other” is already there in the Devices view and already has a full hourly history.

BTW - A simpler calculation - Since Pivot Tables default to Grand Totals by row, and since the Grand Total equals Total Usage plus all the known devices values, Other equals Grand Total minus Total Usage.

I requested Other in the download beta, but no response.

I suspect the issue is that Other could go negative. I complained about that. In the online displays, they now zap Other to zero if it would be negative. sigh.

But the real problem is that the device total will sometimes exceed the overall usage total.

The response to that from Sense is that the Always On measure is a smoothed estimate which can spuriously add to the supposed consumption for an hour is it is calculated over 24 hours somehow.

I wonder why 24 hours is so much better than 1 hour…

But I also see (and have reported) data where my air conditioner alone exceeds total usage.

Unfortunately, since Device Discovery has worked so poorly in my home, Other represents close to 70% of my total measured usage on any given month making it an extremely important part of the recorded data. I can see considering it unimportant when it’s maybe single digit percentage but not when it’s nearly 70%. Besides, if I’m going to achieve the goals for which I purchased Sense, I need to see all of the data not just some of the data.

How do you download data. I cannot find this option

Only available in the Web App for Sense. Log into home.sense.com. Go to the Trends view. Pick the period you want the export for (Day, Week, Month, Year, Bill). Then click on the little export icon on the upper left. You’ll then have a choice of either Hour or Day intervals for the exported .csv.

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