I have two Sense sensors - one has a red LED on, the other doesn't

What the title says- I have a dual panel setup with two Sense sensors.One has what appears to be a red LED illuminated under the side of the casing, the other doesn’t. What is that LED? Both sensors have run now for few months without any hiccups.

Thank you

The lights are primarily for diagnostic info. A solid light, either red (actually more of an amber) or green, visible on the front of the monitor just indicates that it has power. It can be more visible on some monitors than others. If everything is working ok, then nothing to worry about.

those are my two sensors… the first one has absolutely no visible lights even in complete darkness

not complaining at all, just observing

They’re more visible in the ports than from the external case. The power LED is most visible through the CT port. We don’t talk about them much because they’re really only useful when it comes to support diagnostics. Otherwise, they can be safely ignored.

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