Sense Monitor Offline. Two flashing red lights

This morning woke up to no sense data as of 7:45 am and the monitor shows as offline. I went to the garage and turned off the breaker for the monitor and turned it back on. The monitor after 30 seconds just starts blinking two red lights on the end of the unit (opposite end of the power connections). It never beeps. No other sign of life.

UPDATE: Last nights temperatures hit 2 degrees Celsius. So when I went to reboot, the monitor was cold. 15 mins next to the fireplace warmed it up, plugged it back in and it’s now back online. If 2 degrees made it stop responding… this is going to be tough to keep the unit warm @ -40.


Hey Chuck,

Sense should be a-okay down to 0 deg C and should be fine even lower than that as long as it is installed and running (as the monitor generates some heat of its own).

I’m not sure why your monitor turned off at 2 deg C, but if this happens again, I’d definitely reach out to our technical support team:

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Hi Ben,

What does the flashing light indicate? My connection has been consistently dropping this past weekend. It went from being off for 30 minutes now to 3 hours +.

I have been communicating with Shay K at support who feels there’s a problem with the distance from my router (28’) whilst Sense recommends 15’-20’. I moved the router within 5’ and there was no difference in performance, so I put it back and in all, it’s not getting any better.

For perspective - I can use my iPad in the garden 100’ away from the router with no issues and a good signal.

I’d appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you might have please!

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What’s the actual signal-to-noise ratio in dB at the Sense monitor? Recently, I determined that an SNR of ~20 dB was insufficient for Sense to hold a steady WiFi connection. OTOH, raising the SNR to >23 dB solved the issue.

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Hi Ashok,

Thank you for the follow-up - I purchased and installed the antenna you suggested in the linked thread. The WiFi signal looked to be much stronger than prior and for the first time since installation, WiFi hasn’t dropped out!

The red lights apparently indicate network connectivity. Difficult to see the lights in the daytime, or when working in direct sunlight.

TP-Link 2.4GHx 9dBi Directional Antenna


Sense Support recently told me that they’re considering adding WiFi SNR to the app, hopefully making it easier to debug issues such as this.

P.S. Those TP-Link directional antennas are great. I’ve used the 14 dBi version of that antenna to beam a steady 300 Mbps 802.11n connection between two buildings that are ~120 ft apart (in the Philippines).

I have read most of the info, but I can not find out what the blinking lights signal.

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Here is the authoritative guide to the lights:

The power light is by the power/CT ports and should be solidly lit in red or green whenever the Sense monitor is powered on.

The “status” light is by the antenna port and can be lit up in red, green, or yellow. Red is indicative of a problem, green (or no light) means everything is good, and yellow usually means some sort of Wi-Fi error.

Of course, most people shouldn’t be taking their panel covers off to check these lights, so they’re not meant to be super valuable to the end user. They’re more for diagnostic purposes on our end.

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