Identify ev but showing under other

Recognized my EV starting
But on the bubbles identified as Other

Has been going for a while if I am correct.

I had the briefly, but now

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Interesting @dannyterhaar - Does the bubble or the EV Device Power Meter eventually catch up ? It looks like you are about 4 minutes into charging. Does the usage show up hours later ??

It did register under the device usage.
So it is just the bubbles that are confused/confusing

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For over a year, I have frequently observed the missing bubble with my clothes dryer. Yet the bubble sometimes does appear normally for the clothes dryer. Since this is a sporadic behavior, I have not tried to file a ticket. For all I know it happens with the smaller items, too, but it is most noticeable with the large-wattage items. My clothes dryer draws 5000W when running.

Thanks for checking… Even though Sense hasn’t introduced it yet, that behavior kind of has the hallmarks of what Sense referred to as Progressive Detection a year or two ago. That’s where Sense can’t be entirely sure about the on/off right away (no bubble) but once it sees a significant chunk or maybe the entire cycle, it logs it as usage by that device. Not basing this on any inside product knowledge - just basing it on the video describing Progressive Detection a couple years back.

This behavior started since I got a 2nd bolt EV and sometimes charge with 2 bolt in parallel.
It kind of looks like it loses count of what is on or not.

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