INVESTIGATING: Display issues in Web App (MS Edge)

Anyone else notice the format is completely off when using Microsoft Edhe to monitor? Chrome tested fine but Edge squishes everything up.

Ive tried on 2 separate computers so i know it’s not computer specific!

Not a big Edge user, but you’re right, it’s bad.

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wait a month until edge starts using the chrome engine. :slight_smile:

What build of edge are you on?

Here is the one I tried.


Thanks. I will pass this on.

Looks like there was an issue where our auto-prefixer was out of date on a couple of key style rules. Should have a fix out in a few hours. Thanks for the heads up, folks.


We’ve pushed a fix for this. Let me know if you’re still seeing it.

Edge seems to be working fine for me now; wasn’t working well a few hours ago.

The Home and From Home wattage numbers bounce from top (w line) to bottom. Other than that it looks good.


We’re investigating. Thanks for the report.

also under trends there is no totals any more :slight_smile: i dont know of this was an intentional change, but it still shows under the solar tab. ps i like the new addition to the solar tab showing percentage of coverage! very welcomed add on.

This is known and is being discussed in the solar v2 thread. I’ll update there.