Is my Radon Pump being double counted?

I just had a radon pump installed yesterday. As I expected it would not be “sensed”, I added a HS110 for it since I track it. Since it is showing 122W plus 119W always on is it being double counted? I noticed my always on wattage has jumped today.

Without a picture, it’s hard to tell. The Always On for a smart plug is pretty accurate, but does get double counted (part of the top level Always On, plus also part of the device). But the increase in your Always On is real and Sense is telling you that the radon fan added 119W

@kevin1 i thought I added the picture but guess not, does this help?

Based on the photo, 119W of the Radon Pump is attributed to “Always On” / also part of the device as @kevin1 pointed out. So, yes, in the Radon Pump bubble and Always On bubble that wattage is being double-counted but it does not double count for your real-time consumption total wattage.

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Thanks - the picture helps because it shows the sources of the numbers in Sense. And @JustinAtSense has completed the answer. You can see how the Always On from a smart plug can help isolate where your Always On component is coming from.

@JustinAtSense Is there a chance that Sense will find a radon pump without need for the plug?

@norenlaw, if I read your bubble reading correctly, your Radon Pump is using 122W, of which 119W are Always On. That means virtually all your Radon Pump consumption, at least at this point in time is Always On. That means Sense will see it as part of the total Always On, but unless the Radon Pump total jumps up and down significantly from 122W, Sense will never detect (there’s no on or off to detect) the Radon Pump without a smart plug.

@kevin1 also what I assumed based on how sense operates which is why I put it on the HS110 plug on it right out of the gate.

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