Is my setup correct?

Hi, I’m new to the forum and new to Sense. Not quite sure how the forum works or even if I installed my sense correctly. Is it possible to post a pic of my connections and see what you guys think? Thanks. Erwin

Go ahead and post photos… Use the little icon identified below to do it, when you Reply …

Sometimes pics are not allowed for the first few posts. You may need to post again or ask a moderator to allow you to post pics.

@imovelives your permissions have been adjusted so you can now upload screenshots. @kevin1 provided a great screenshot above on how to do so.

Hi, for some reason I don’t have the upload icon on my iPhone.

just jumped on my iPhone and circled the upload icon in the screenshot below.

Got it thanks.

So it’s been 3 days now and sense has yet to identify any appliances except for my philips hue lights and hub.

Looks right if those upper right wires are really your mains. Most load centers have power entering through the top of bottom with a master shutoff above or below.

Did Sense make it through setup and are you seeing reasonable solar and total usage results ?

Yes I’ve set it all up. For some reason, the app asked that I reset all data. Now the solar is the only thing reading. Is this correct? The other plugs, lights etc no longer read, such as “other” Un-identified sources.

Doesn’t look right. You should have some usage on the right Total Consumption measurement, even if it is all coming from your solar. Try going to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor to look at this part…

You should have some usage on the Mains, even if the amount if is small.

I would check in with

Yeah I’ve sent an email to tech support. No response yet. Frustrating for non technical users.

OK - You’re not through setup yet. You can tell from the text and Signal check status just below “Signals”. Support should be able to get you set up.

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As @kevin1 mentioned above, Sense takes a little bit of time to calibrate the sensors in your electrical panel. This should resolve itself, but Support will also be able to help when they get back to you (typically within 24 hours.)

Thanks for answering my newbie questions! Sense tech support responded and also asked if those two are truly my mains as well. I confirmed that it is, I guess my home had an older panel and when it was upgraded, the main panel became the subpanel and the additional 100amp panel became the main. My next question is this…Can I monitor my subpanel without disconnecting my solar monitoring? Tech support was able to adjust my solar production monitoring to not interfere with my usage monitoring. I’ll attach a few pics

You’ll be able to see the subpanel usage aggregated with your main panel usage via Sense. And Sense should be able to detect devices on circuits on your subpanel. If you really did want to monitor the subpanel independently you would probably need a second Sense and second account.