Is my solar setup properly?

I finally got a break in the clouds (typical Florida summer weather) and was able to get Sense to finish the Solar setup, but now I don’t know what I’m looking at :rofl:

Does this look right?

BTW, I installed the CTs exactly as this diagram:

Thanks for any help

Here is my most recent meter screenshot:

Did you make it all the way through solar calibration step ? if so, your Sense monitor is probably operating properly. The bubbles show you producing 7.6kW and using 7.3kW (with the rest going to the grid). Right now you have a big Other bubble because Sense hasn’t detected any of your devices yet (give it a couple weeks), except for the Hue Flood, which is off.

Watch your Power Meter for a couple days - if your usage doesn’t go negative and your Usage doesn’t seem to be tied to your solar production, you’re good.

One other view that can tell you whether things are working is the Signals view under Settings > Monitor > Signal

Usually mid-day, your Solar production and Mains should be somewhat balanced between the two house “legs” (red wire wire and black wire in a typical house). FYI - even though it is marked Mains, you are seeing full house usage in the Mains. And before you say “wow, that’s a lot of usage”, that’s a Tesla charging with AC while we’re in Off-Peak and low carbon intensity.

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Hi @kevin1 thanks for the quick response!

Yes, it went through the whole solar calibration. I tried to do it yesterday evening but had a hard time getting past the step where it tried to detect the output from the inverters since it was a bit overcast and couldn’t get enough sunlight to trigger that step.

But yes, today I was able to get through the entire solar setup.

Here is a screenshot of the signals:

I can’t wait to see this bad boy start recognizing devices! :raised_hands:t3:

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