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Here is my setup, Sense with solar installed on Saturday my panels are covered with snow so I was not able to activate the solar part. When I checked the iPhone app monitor under Signals I see that I have two mains with different wattage and two voltage readings. The wattage is positive and the device is detecting new stuff looks good to me. Fast forward to Wednesday to panels are clear from snow and I am producing electricity. The solar part is activated but I don’t get a solar bubble. When I look at the signals page on my iPhone I have one Main and one Solar. Sometimes the solar goes positive and sometimes it goes negative. The one main also goes positive and negative, that makes perfect sense to me if I produce more power from my panels that the main signal is negative ( sending power back to the grid). The solar should always be positive when I produce or zero when it is dark out. So the question is when do I see two mains and two solar signals in my app monitor and why the negative number at the solar part.

You probably need to redo “Solar Setup” now that sun is reaching your panels: Settings->My Home->Sense Monitor->Solar, then walk through the process.

You could be getting below the minimum 500W from your panels required to calibrate. As @james_reilley suggests, redo the setup … now the snow has melted!

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Thanks for replying. I was about to redo the solar part but the monitor signals part cleared up by itself. I have now 2 mains and 2 solar readings. The only thing that bugs me is the negative readings at the solar part. When the inverter is off it reads -1 and -2. When my inverter starts up I see readings from -1 up to -15. When the inverter is on and sending power to the load center I have seen readings of -403 at the solar signal. Today is another sunny day will keep an eye on the production side of the monitor hopefully it was a calibration issue and it is resolved now.

The sense monitor is recording positive solar production for a couple days now. Looks like a calibration was the issue and call this issue resolved.

Small negative values usually aren’t abnormal and are registering the consumption of the actual inverter. However, large negative values signal that something is wrong. That’s often indicative of an open CT sensor or some other related installation issues. You should definitely reach out to the Support team on this.

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