Solar question

Last night Sense detected its first devices. Fridge and the Aquarium Heater. So hopefully I am on my way. Oddly this AM, all my numbers were in the negative (Mains and Solar). I recalibrated the solar and powered off the Sense for a few minutes. All looks back in the positives right now.

Am I correct that I should be seeing Positive values for Solar? and a + Solar bubble, or should they be negative? Currently the Mains and Solar production are in Positive values.

Seeing negative numbers is generally indicative of a CT clamp that is not fully closed - either on your mains or the solar side. I have had, and continue to have the same issue occasionally even though I have taped the ct clamps closed. You might want to check your CTs for proper closure and/or submit a call to support.

When my solar and main came on line in March, I saw negative solar for a while. Sense Support did something and things reversed soon after and mostly my solar is positive as well as my main.
Occasionally I see negative numbers on my solar as I also have drains (well pump, Car charger, Pressure Pump … on the solar sub panel) which are negative when there is not enough Solar to provide power for these drain sources.
I think the latest Web Sense viewer has a meter that will provide a reading that covers the negative values (below the line). I absolutely love this issue.

Good luck on your Sense and Solar.

Carol :smiley:

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