SOLAR CT polarity reversed?

As of this morning I see this on my webpage:

solar producing negative aka drawing power ?

No usage nor solar production registered after sunrise when solar started producing
When I check the readings on the sense monitor itself

no reading of solar ct’s and negative to grid.

I haven’t changed anything, nor has my main panel been opened

Anyone else seeing this?

I had that happen once a month or so ago. I suspect it was a network fluke that set it off, and I thought it would resolve on its own after a while, but after two days, I contacted support. They asked some questions and asked for some pictures inside my panel. On a hunch (or call me lazy), I decided to reboot my Sense (by flipping the breaker) before opening the panel and taking pictures. The solar started reporting correctly at that point, and I haven’t seen that problem since. Unfortunately, the data for the time period when it was broken is still wrong (and probably won’t ever be fixed).

Given your other solar issue you posted about a few days ago, it may be that this is related to that (I also saw some strange solar behavior prior to it completely disappearing and showing up as negative like you see).

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I think either there was a reboot/reset or a firmware update where the wrong data settings were restored.
It started working again after support “looked at it” and did something

Another day of data gone and I still don’t know why
this was the response of support:

We understand you are seeing negative values in solar, rest assured, we can assist you with this, Upon review, we currently see that the monitor is online with negative polarities, we have now changed and updated the signals to positive and we also have pushed the signal check to your monitor’s configuration remotely. We are glad to inform you that your monitor is currently functioning as expected with a positive consumption value, no further action is required on your side.

I’m following up with Support to find out more information about what happened here and will update you.

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btw: I followed up to support yesterday with these questions:

Why did this happen?
Was it a software update, a reboot ?
combination of the above? reboot after software update?

To repeat this from happening again.
Would it be better to reverse the polarity of the CT’s?

if 2 is true, should i do that for both the usage CT’s & the solar ct’s?

I saw that in the ticket - I’m also seeing the agent that handled it escalated the question to one of our leads, which would explain the delay. I’ll make sure you get a response from the lead today.

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The response I received was that the change was most likely a mistake during an update. This issue is resolvable on our end (albeit with a small gap in data), no changes to the polarity for either of your sensors are recommended at this time.



It is BACK
What a mess !

Guess what happened this morning:

I opened a support request on the 8th for a sense monitor i have sold/installed with a customer.
It clearly stated which system i was referring to (not my email address)
After 4 days of hearing nothing but the “autoreply” I poked the bear and asked if they were going to do something about it.
This morning i get a response in MY case (different case number)

Kranti (Sense)

Oct 13, 2021, 8:38 EDT

Thank you for your response and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Upon review, an update has been pushed to one of your monitor’s configuration files. We can see that your Sense monitor is currently functioning as expected with a positive consumption value on mains.

Please feel free to reply to this email if you require any additional support or have any other questions.

Sense Customer Support

it is not right to respond with an answer in one support case in a total different thread, even though the same person (me) opened the 2 cases

They “fixed” his system

but ruined mine!

Could someone please take a look and encourage them to read/respond better ?

Ah, @dannyterhaar, sorry you’re having a less than ideal time with this. I’m checking in with our Support team here on this case. Just so i understand correctly and can share with our support team:

  1. You opened a separate support ticket for your monitor
  2. The issue for your monitor was fixed.
  3. You opened a separate ticket on behalf of a user that you sold/installed with a customer.
  4. The changes were applied to your monitor from the original ticket, instead of the customer who you were reaching out on behalf of.

I can partially understand why this mistake was made → typically, we associate tickets email addresses with a unique account, which exists for privacy reasons. I believe that the support agent that handled your case overlooked the details directing them to a separate monitor. In order to resolve this issue, we’d need the ticket to come from the user that is experiencing the issue.

I have to look into our support process for installers, but I think this was the source of the issue. I’ll touch base with Support today and take a look at the ticket, but I’m pretty sure they’ll reiterate some version of the above.

Have you already opened another support ticket for your issue? If not, I’ll include the request to reset the changes that were made to your monitor in my conversation with support.

I was out all day, got home late.
My system is still confused:

Would be nice if this could be corrected tomorrow.

This morning somebody flipped some things a couple of times:

Started working correctly at 7:18am,
Stopped working again at 7:37am
then a couple of weird transactions
7:47am it finally started working again as intended.

Whoever did that: TY!


Thank Nick from Support!
:slight_smile: :wave:

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I’m having this same issue! I’ve tried emailing Sense for two days asking for help and zero response. The bottom line is that my sensor solar leads keep switching from positive to negative. Solar is producing 3000 watts and then solar is taking 3000 watts.

I’m sure my hot tub being inline isn’t helping but I wish there was a way to lock down the polarity (so the software can’t keep flipping it). I’m thinking that the system sees an error when my hot tub pulls 6000watts and my solar is only producing 3000. The system decides to switch +/- and then once the hot tub turns off it stays inverted.

While waiting for support to contact me, I decided to calibrate the sensor solar section AGAIN (6th time now) and it goes back to the correct current flow. I’m not sure how long it will stay before it flips again but resetting my entire pole barn 3 times a day isn’t a long term solution.

Anyway, just finished setup (round 6) and the polarity is correct! Time stamp 9:53am on 11/20/2021. Currently reading positive numbers on solar and negative on the leads…which is the way it should be when pushing energy to the grid.

Still wrong under TRENDS section. 1557 to grid, 1557 from solar, 0w for home…that’s not possible as I have lights and a furnace on. TRENDS reporting false data but the Settings-My Home-Monitor section is at least correct.

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Hey @user90. Sorry to hear about the issues with reaching out to Support - they typically respond to new tickets the same day they’re submitted and are online M-F 9AM - 5PM.

I’m going to request someone look at your ticket today, but just to clarify - your solar leads are reporting positive, but under trends you’re still seeing inaccurate numbers correct?