Signal Check:Detected Solar

Have no solar for sure. Unsure why this email was sent out

Signal Check: Detected Solar

Upon review of your Sense monitor’s signal readings, it appears that your monitor is picking up signs of solar production. However, we’re not detecting that you have installed Sense Solar in your home. This is preventing Sense from reporting your energy usage and production correctly.

If you have a solar system at your home, you will need to install Sense Solar in order to accurately monitor consumption and production. Without Sense Solar, our standard monitor will only be able to track consumption at night, when you are not producing energy from your solar panels. This can also have an effect on Sense’s ability to detect devices in your home. If you’ve been experiencing difficulty setting up Sense Solar, please let us know! We would be happy to help get Sense up and running properly in your home.

For questions, please reach out to the Support Team.

I would reposition your CT’s and try it again. Wires against the side or even it laying against a breaker can cause interference.

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