Issue when looking at a device



I am having an issue with some of my devices. When I look at some devices it gives me the error in the attachment. Other devices don’t have this issue.

The sense device is reachable with no issue.


I’ve had a similar issue at times, but only when my phone is changing to or from wifi/cellular network… like any computer/device, changing networks is quite the task… the phone has to release IP addresses from the old network and get new IP addresses from the new network… if there is high traffic at the time, there can be a delay…

in the instances where this has happened to me, the app recovers as expected, but once in a while I have to close and reopen the app… but with my understanding of networks, this is understandable…

if this happens to you without a changing network, it could be high latency on your network…


Both my phone and sense are on the same internal wifi network. The reason I do not think it is the phone or the network is because it happens only on certain devices detected by sense and not others.


@ymaryan it actually makes no difference that sense and your phone are on the same network… the error you are getting is that you are having trouble reaching the sense services… that could mean that your Sense device could be having an issue or your phone could be having an issue reaching the Sense service… the sense service is their data server somewhere in the world that stores your data…

in short, your sense device sends data to the server (sense service) and the server sends data to your phone… if you reach out to support, they should be able to tell you if your sense is having connection issues… your sense device doesn’t talk directly to your phone… so your connection is dependent on network quality in your home and across the internet to the sense servers…


I would totally buy that the sense device has issues reaching the sense services except for the fact that only a few of the detected devices are having this issue. There are devices that it has detected that it allows me to access with no problems 100% of the time.


Can you list the devices that this happens on? I don’t see how certain devices would be triggering this, but you’ve got us curious.