Not recording data

Is anyone having an issue where sense isn’t recording usage? Its detecting properly but nothing has recorded into the usage trends for 2 days almost


Same issue
When I check “Now” tab, last entry is almost 24 hours ago?

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Having the same problem.

Last update was at 8:45am 10/30. I rarely go more than 15 min. without an entry.

Same here for last few days. Plus no notifications of devices coming on/off. Likely since it’s driven by the same data the timeline uses.

Everything else seems to track and detect properly when watching it. Last timeline data was from 2am yesterday (10/31) and seems to update to 2am every 24hrs or so but only loads to 2am the day before.

Edit: Stumbled across the sense status page…

This seems to indicate a degraded performance with these aspects of the system and they are working on repairing.

Now tab just updated (kinda) with the last entry now showing as 4:57 10/30.

Same problem. Hasn’t updated since yesterday.

It’s now showing 1:11am 10/31.

Sense has discovered “heat 1” device during this time. But I cannot make any sense of it as the mobile app and web app show completely different stats for it. I don’t believe either are correct as the usage numbers don’t add up.

Appears as if the Sense servers are majorly delayed, and still having issues loading pages/data. Guessing it’s related to the outage and the Sense servers simply don’t have the computing power to catch up, keep up and some bug or other issue is wasting bandwidth. Would be interesting to know what type of contingency plan and backup systems Sense has in place. As a new user I hope extended issues like these are not something I should get accustomed to.

Me too. I’ve been having internet connection problems for a few days, but the bubbles and the overall time line seem to be mostly correct. But my fridge has not been on for 9 hours and we did cook dinner tonight.

We’re currently working on a fix for this bug impacting gaps or missing data. You can subscribe to for status updates, and we’ll continue to update the thread as we have updates.

I am having the same issue. Just installed my sense yesterday and it was doing fine untill around 2am this morning. Its still seeing the power usage but is not recording it. Is there something I can do to fix this?

Hi @mattpartlow81 - the original bug has been resolved here, but please write in to so we can take a deeper look.