Items still not detected

I’m 3-ish months into sense usage.

Just wondering why the following items still haven’t been detected:
Can lamps - used daily
Ceiling fans - used daily
Coffee Maker - used alot (mostly just weekends)
Washing Machine - used alot (mostly weekends)

Also it found my dishwasher. However when running I see it as other

Is the answer just wait some more? I’m ok with that. I just would have expected items used daily to show up by now.


Paul… Have not found lamps or ceiling fan here yet… Going on 2 years… Have found coffee make… Can’t remember how long it took. Seems to me it was a quick find. Has found washing machine. Used only 1-2 times on week-ends. Needs to see lots of data. Found our frig long time ago and now never sees it. Can’t think of a thing that has changed… Hope this helps…Later…Gerry

Thanks Gerry

I would have thought things that are used alot would get detected sooner.

I thought I read (before buying) that it samples a million times a second. That plus 3 months is why I thought it would have found more by now.

I guess I will wait.

Have you worked with Support at all? Sometimes simple issues can get in the way of a good detection experience. They can lend some insight into what may be happening in your particular home.

I just did Ryan

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I’m still waiting on my washing machine and ceiling fans as well. I installed Sense about 3 months ago as well.

In the world of Sense, that’s hardly any time at all….think years

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Help me understand then

If I use a device daily for months AND it samples a million times a second (as I recall reading) why then does it take so long (i’m serious btw)


I think it’s unlikely you have detections for ceiling fans and probably won’t with can lights unless they use incandescent or halogen bulbs.
I have 5 ceiling fans and around a dozen can lights. My first initial install was in January of this year