Items still not detected

I’m 3-ish months into sense usage.

Just wondering why the following items still haven’t been detected:
Can lamps - used daily
Ceiling fans - used daily
Coffee Maker - used alot (mostly just weekends)
Washing Machine - used alot (mostly weekends)

Also it found my dishwasher. However when running I see it as other

Is the answer just wait some more? I’m ok with that. I just would have expected items used daily to show up by now.


Paul… Have not found lamps or ceiling fan here yet… Going on 2 years… Have found coffee make… Can’t remember how long it took. Seems to me it was a quick find. Has found washing machine. Used only 1-2 times on week-ends. Needs to see lots of data. Found our frig long time ago and now never sees it. Can’t think of a thing that has changed… Hope this helps…Later…Gerry


Thanks Gerry

I would have thought things that are used alot would get detected sooner.

I thought I read (before buying) that it samples a million times a second. That plus 3 months is why I thought it would have found more by now.

I guess I will wait.

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Have you worked with Support at all? Sometimes simple issues can get in the way of a good detection experience. They can lend some insight into what may be happening in your particular home.

I just did Ryan

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I’m still waiting on my washing machine and ceiling fans as well. I installed Sense about 3 months ago as well.

In the world of Sense, that’s hardly any time at all….think years


Help me understand then

If I use a device daily for months AND it samples a million times a second (as I recall reading) why then does it take so long (i’m serious btw)


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I think it’s unlikely you have detections for ceiling fans and probably won’t with can lights unless they use incandescent or halogen bulbs.
I have 5 ceiling fans and around a dozen can lights. My first initial install was in January of this year

I hit two week today and it’s driving me crazy not detecting obvious items. I can’t imagine waiting 3 months or a year.

Why can’t I help??? I see my spike go up when I turn on items, Dryer, washing machine, toaster oven and even my stove top, why can’t I tap on the spike and say here it is. Use this for your data base and identify them quicker. Best way would be a bunch of baby “other bubbles” under other and let me tap one and say oh that’s my stove top.


Worthwhile reading…

BTW - there is a company, Neurio, that had this kind of training feature but it never worked as demonstrated. The company has now pivoted to being resold through solar suppliers, etc.


I have been using sense for over a year and I still have over 30% of my power coming from “other” is that normal? Will it EVER get better?

Normal is different for everyone. I had probably close to 20 detections just a couple months in and it took from them to a year to get that many more before I had 40.
You might be in the same boat as @andywhere the “noise” in your electric system is preventing detections.
There are many variables involved. Do you know exactly which devices have not been detected? Is it many small consumers, one large one or a combination of each?

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