Just curious on why sense decide to rename a device

several weeks ago I detected and named a device, it was a window box air conditioner and had labeled it AC-12000 btu WB, today sense decided to relabel it AC 2, why would sense do that?

Are you sure it relabeled that device ? Or did it just find a second device, AC 2, that pops up now instead of the one you named ? Look in the device list to see if your old one remains.

One of two things could have happened:

  • Sense detected a slightly different version of the AC waveform and called it something different (AC 2). I have had that happen with my AC units as I moved from Spring into Summer.
  • Sense did an auto-rename. That feature was added in a beta form a while back, but I thought Sense rolled that back because there were too many unexpected surprises. The feature is described in this blog, but I don’t think it is in action today.
    Sense Gets Smarter About Devices - Sense Blog

the message I received stated “AC-12,000 BTU WB appears to be a AC, so it was renamed” it was renamed AC 2, I also have one labeled " AC-10,000 BTU WB" I suspect that one will also be renamed soon.
the AC 2 was rename shortly after I had a problem ticket look at it’s failure to detect the AC running for 5 hours, the reason I was given was that the AC ran longer then normal so it detected it as off, I would think that once a device has been detected and verified it shouldn’t matter how long it runs, on hot days they tend to run longer and not decide to rename it

Thanks for the update. My 2c after a couple of years with Sense is to wait for a long time (at least 3 months of a season when a device turns on and off) before getting too involved in precisely renaming and combining.

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my 2 AC’s ran all season last year with out having one getting renamed why should I wait another 3 months, your explanation makes no sense, if it’s identified and verified, why wouldn’t I name it to something that I can identify with, why should sense change it when it’s already been named

When you get a detection, always rename to what you want to prevent Sense from renaming for you.

Different experiences I guess. Sense came up with 6 different AC device detections for my 2 AC units over the course of a couple years. If I had spent my time trying to accurately label them I would have only been surprised along the way…

Sense should only auto-rename devices that you have not already renamed (and it’s not marked as a guess), so this behavior sounds like a bug. Do you mind if we look at your data to see what might have happened?

by all means, you have my permission, I don’t remember if I had it still as a guess, but could have been possible, I usually remove that once it has been verified

while your in there checking the AC unit, maybe you can check out the washing machine which said it ran for 11 minutes, It hasn’t been run for a few days, funny it should show up now

Just spoke to engineering and it looks like the 12,000 BTU device was (and still is) marked as a guess, thus the automatic rename. The 10,000 BTU device is not marked as a guess and will not be renamed.

It sounds like something looks pretty similar to the washer in your home. I’d recommend checking out this blog to learn a bit more about how conflation like that can happen. If you reach out to Support, they can dig in a bit deeper.

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I just changed it, took it off as a guess, sorry for any inconvenience , I didn’t check to see if it was still on, my bad

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Nice Work!

Interesting. Was the device originally an unknown heat that you renamed and retyped to Oven? Or was it an unknown heat that you just renamed to oven but didn’t change the type? Or none of the above?

ETA: Or was it marked as a guess? We will rename if a device is marked as a guess.

Sorry, but I have no idea. It was one of the first devices that got recognized and I’m not sure if I just took the community suggestion, or I renamed it. I doubt that I had it as a guess, as I usually put a “?” when I do, but since it’s been so long, I have no recollection on how it was beforehand.

That happened to me too. Just a few weeks ago had a new device, heat two showed up. Changed name to dishwasher and set guess to on. Latter on got message that sense has renamed “dishwasher to dishwasher”. Needs to be smarter to know it hasn’t changed it at all. Or maybe I didn’t change the type. I’m can’t remember for sure.

Watch out for the “combine” Sense likes to do.
So Sense took “heat 1” and “heat 2” and combined them yesterday.
It seems nonsensical that if Sense knows or feels two devices are hearing elements but does t know what they are, then how on earth does it decide they should be together and combined?

Of course, like the last several times Sense has “combined”, Sense is wrong. So that makes me lose 2 devices instantly.
I have not had Sense be correct about a “combine” ever. It’s always been wrong, every single time.
I like to hear from someone if it’s actually been correct, otherwise, get rid of it.

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