Kasa HS-110 being discontinued, what's next?

So I just got 3 plugs and I’m starting to mess with them. While they do seem to work in the app it seems to be a little spotty.

Just wanted to make everyone aware, it seems like this should be considered “Beta” until Sense officially supports it.

I’m still looking into the issues. I’ll update if I resolve them.

Just an update… I’ve found lots of issues and I’m going to open a support case.


Initially I never updated the firmware on the plugs. I saw them in the app but they all said NA and didn’t show any usage.

When the kp115s were in the app, clicking on always on would crash the Android app everytime.

I removed the Kasa integration and readded it and now all my plugs (including my hs300) don’t show up at all.

Connected home status says looking for plugs.

I updated the new plugs to the latest firmware and still nothing.

Interesting… I did the the addition in the Kasa app, then the firmware update before I tried to configure into Sense-land. Everything seems to be working - trying out my KP115 Roamer out on my subwoofer. It’s only supposed to power up when my stereo is on, but I think it’s popping on every once in a while by accident. Now I can compare them. Subwoofer below.

Had you had any similar issues with Always On prior to this? That doesn’t sound like it would be related to the new plugs.

What version of Android are you on? Version of Sense app? Have your plugs shown up since you last posted?

I just installed 3 KP115s yesterday. Each is plugged into the wall and a UPS is plugged into it as these computer and networking components have never been detected and 2 of them are a big part of Always On and Other.

These are my first smart plugs… should I expect to see my Other go down now? Not sure how Sense handles these with the Other and Always On calculations.

@ben @kevin1 We checked in with the dev team and current smart plug implementation does not differentiate between ‘used’ and ‘un-used’ plugs when polling them. An ‘off’ plug is polled at the same rate as an ‘on’ plug, as we need to look for status changes; thus, it uses the same amount of bandwidth. We’ll update that FAQ question to reflect this. We’re still comfortable with the recommendation for around 20 plugs, but it ultimately depends on lan/wan conditions. This is not a limitation built into the Sense app or the respective Kasa/Wemo APIs.

@ritchierich The wattages attributed to those plugs will be removed from Other. If you’re monitoring devices that Sense has detected (either partially or fully) be sure to follow the What’s Plugged Into this flow to prevent duplicate reported wattage.

If Sense detects an Always On load on those plugs, it will be reflected in the Always On Device Details screen. Here’s what mine looks like:

To everyone – we’re continuing to test the new KP115 plugs. If you’ve set them up, please report any issues in this thread. So far, things are looking promising.


Hey Ryan,

The always on issue has never happened before and my phone is Android 10 with the latest version of the app. I did do some more troubleshooting yesterday and it fixed some of the issues.

I disabled TP-Link Integration and hard rebooted the sense controller after a couple minutes by flipping the breaker. When i turned it back on everything was good. I then reset the configs on all my KP115s in the Kasa app and plugged in only 1 KP115 into my main TV.

I reenabled integration and the first thing that popped up was the plugs for my HS300 and they worked fine. Secondly the KP115 showed up but it wasn’t working correctly, the control bubble would say NA and no info was included when clicking into it.

I monitored it throughout he day and notice that at some points the device would show as on and working but after a few minutes it went back to NA.

For another test I plugged in a second KP115 (also factory reset) and it still hasn’t shown up in the app at all. I still have a third plug i haven’t plugged in yet.

Thanks for the additional info. I’m unable to replicate on iOS; we’ll do further testing on Android.

Just a FYI, the Always on Tab works fine now so i’m not 100% sure it’s related or not. But the plus still aren’t working correctly in Android.

Is it ok if we take a closer look at your data?

Sure you can access my data, the TV is actually on right now so you guys might see more on the backend (mine still says NA). Also, i opened a support ticket on Saturday called " Kasa KP115 Integration issues". I don’t see a case ID anywhere.

Also i work in IT so if you want to get highly technical i’ll understand it :slight_smile:

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@RyanAtSense, thanks for the clarification ! So that really speaks to using HS300s carefully, if you have a number of devices one needs to monitor via smartplug.


Yeah, agreed. I typically recommend HS-300’s for areas of a home dense with electronics (offices, entertainment centers) and this definitely reinforces that recommendation.

Just got these in, i’ll post (maybe start a new thread, not sure) this evening / tomorrow.

@jspreetsidhu, just make sure you configure them in Kasa and update each one’s firmware before looking for them in Sense app.

It now says 1-2 months … :frowning:

Just a note that I installed 2 of the KP115 this week - my first smart plugs and so far they seem to work fine. No issues with discovery, etc. I did do the firmware update immediately upon activation.


I also ordered a smart plug KP115. Updated my Kasa app and Sense identified it immeditately. I’m very happy with it.

I ordered 3 of KP115s. I put one on freezer that had not been detected. Last night the freezer was detected.

Can I repurpose the KP115 now it appears to know about this device?

Was it an actual detection, or the smart plug showing up as a device ? f you now have two devices, your smart plug and and a freezer, then I would keep the KP115 on the freezer for a few days, just to see how accurate the detection is, and what you might possibly be missing. If you are comfortable with Sense’s accuracy, repurpose. There’s a thread somewhere around here about repurposing. Not a simple step if you want to get rid of the smartplug history. Otherwise, just rename the smartplug and live with the fact that you’ll have some freezer history included at the beginning.