KASA HS110 Instantly Detected, Sense iOS App Crashes When Trying To Rename

FYI … installed a two-pack of KASA HS110s two days ago. Install was a breeze as within 5 minutes of plugging them in, Sense recognized them both without any additional configuring needed on my part. However, Sense automatically names them their mac address and every time that I tried to rename them using the iOS app the app would crash … although, it did in fact save the new name each time prior to crashing.

Anyway, put one between the wall and my UPS-protected server rack in the garage and another between the wall and my UPS-protected computer system in my home office. Just ordered two more, one for my home theater system and one for the automated aquarium. These are super-helpful for identifying electricity draw when you have multiple components behind a UPS that result in a huge “Other” bubble in Sense.

On a side note, any idea on how long it will take the “Always On” bubble to be reduced now that I have identified more devices?

Always On looks at a rolling 48hr window, so don’t expect it to drop to the new level immediately…

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Are you sure it’s giving them their mac addresses? Sense can sometime populate devices with their device IDs temporarily, which look somewhat like mac addresses, though without the colons. You should write into Support@sense.com about this either way, as that should not be happening.

As for Always On reductions, @kevin1 is correct. You should also take a look at our smart plug FAQ.

I had a similar ordeal with o e. What I did was remove from sense by toggling off “connected devices” for “t p link”.
I then deleted the plug from KASA and started over be reinstalling. When KASA sees your plug again you will have the option to keep the prior settings “name”. This is where you want to set it up as new.
Give it the name you want there and then head back to Sense. Turn TP Link back on and you’ll ha e discovery within minutes. If it doesn’t import the name then you will be able to change it.

Keep one thing in mind. If you want to schedule the plug then keep “control” in the sense app off. You can setup in both KASA and ALEXA simultaneously without problems but if sense is set to control, you’ll have problems.