New smart plugs not appearing?

I already had 1 KP115 and 1 HS300 which my Sense recognizes. Today I installed 3 new KP115s and 1 new HS300s, labeled the plugs I intend to be permanent with the device names in Kasa and waited. Nothing. So I disabled the integration in the Sense app and re-enabled it a few minutes later. Sense sent a message within 2 minutes that it recognized my KP115s (plural!) But no message about the new HS300. In Sense I now see the new devices for the original smart plugs but the new ones are still not visible. Am I missing something??

Rookie error. I had forgotten my Sense is linked to directly to my Comcast router and had added the new plugs to the eero network… Deleted all the new devices and re-initiated on the other network! All ok now.


I was just getting ready to ask whether they all were on the the same subnet. Nice recovery.