HS300 Will not discover

I have just purchased an HS300 and set it up on my network. I have Orbi routers and they are both connected to the Orbi system (different ends). I cannot get Sense to see my HS300.

I used to have Sense on its own wifi network so it had 0 bandwidth issues but moved it over to the same network to help w discovery.

Can anyone assist with how I can have it discovered quicker? Do the devices that are plugged in have to be on and pulling?

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First questions

  • did you turn on the TP-Link integration in the Sense app ??
  • can you see and configure the HS300 in the Kasa app ?
  • are they on the same subnet ?

Yes I turned on integration. Yes it is added to the Kasa app. I just added a 2nd one all three show IP’s of 10.0.0.x in my orbi admin console.

Then give it time, maybe a couple hours. Or try turning toggling NDI on and off. I don’t know why, but some smart plugs seem to take longer than others…

So it discovered 1 right away. The other one doesn’t seem to want to show up. Should I try exchanging it or just give it time?

I have seen both time (1-4 hours) and toggling NDI help her on the forums. My personal experience is that I had to wait a couple hours for my second HS300 to show up in Sense.


@kevin1 is correct. There’s a lot of behind the scenes things that have to happen here and it can take a bit of time. If you don’t see it pop up after a day or so, write into Support. It’s likely not a problem where exchanging would help.

By any chance, is the Sense and the HS300 connected to the same Orbi device (router/satellite/whatever they call them), but the HS300 which hasn’t been discovered connected to one of your other ones?

I’ve never used an Orbi system or seen its UI, but I have seen people before talk about having issues with Multicast.

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I think that was the issue. When I set it up using the same router/satellite I can then move to another one have no issues.

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Having spent my professional life in the computer systems world, I can attest to the fact that networking devices are often confusing (OK BIZARRE), and in the consumer world are almost always badly behaved. Glad that you found a work around.