Kasa KP125 works, but not as I "imagined"

My Sense has been running about 2 months, but I wanted better insight into a few devices. I add my fist pair of monitoring plugs. The KP125 attached to the refrigerator acted as I expected, but I am curious if other monitoring plugs behave as I have observed on my Maytag HE washer.

It seems that the KP125 reports only about every 3 seconds. The washer’s agitator motor begins by activating for about 5 seconds. It initially expands the Other bubble, but after a few seconds, the Other bubble shrinks and the washer bubble appears. Through out the cycle this behavior repeats.

I’ve played with the standby thresholds, but these seems to impact when the bubble close, not opens. As stated, I suspect it is working (see charts), but am curious if other monitors sample at the same rate.

Before KP125 installed:

After KP125 installed:

The sampling rate for the Kasa integration is every 2 seconds. I think that that max rate (min period) is dictated by the a available network management and processing power of the Sense monitor (on top of all the other tasks it is doing). Some of us that have exceeded the Sense limit on the max number (20) of smart outlets have been shown kindness by Sense and had our sample rates slowed to every 6 secs to avoid over-running the monitor.

But that’s also less desirable for the reasons you highlight - deferring detection leads to major weirdness in bubble behavior.

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