Kasa plug on microwave va wifi interference

I have an inverter microwave that has not yet been detected by Sense, and according to what I read here chances are it never will.

I would like to plug it into a Kasa smart plug, but I wonder if it would work, as my 2.4ghz wifi tends to go down while the microwave is running, and those plugs are on 2.4…

Anybody here have tried it?

Microwaves produce “microwaves” which are in the electromagnet spectrum and a microwave oven is in the 2.45ghz range (for best cooking).

2.4 WiFi is in the 2.4ghz (2.40-2.49ghz) “radiowave” range.

The microwave oven because of its electromagnetic will distort / destroy any radiowave… especially 2.4ghz since the wave literally can lay on it. That being said … todays microwave ovens are very good at keeping the microwaves inside the oven. So good, in fact… you can buy a microwave that has 2.4ghz WiFi built in.

If you do get interference, try changing your 2.4ghz WiFi from auto to channel 1.

PS….Man, I’m such a nerd.


You should try a KASA plug. But my microwave is on a 20 amp breaker and uses 12 ga wire. I believe it can exceed 15 amps. But I will try it myself. After two weeks Sense has not found it but realize this is a little soon.

I just tried my microwave oven which has been detected by sense on a Kasa KP125 (15amp rating). My microwave says it’s rated at 1800 watts in the label. (15amp x 120v = 1800w)

None the less mine pulled 1724 watts every time it’s on. My microwave is also on a 20amp dedicated circuit on 12/2 wire and plugged into a 20amp duplex outlet.

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