Light 1 ? on for seconds, 140w, not controlled by us

Well, I found a few more devices, all others I have been able to figure out with some effort, so thats good. This light 1 has us stumped. we definitely do not control it, and have no idea what it could be. I have included screen shots from the app with details. (I do have 3 battery chargers in the garage, not sure what that would look like, guessing longer on times? battery tender jr, battery tender +, and a ctek 4.3 )

Sure would love to hear thoughts or ideas on what this could be, and thank you for your time


My guess would be a refrigerator light if you have incandescent bulbs. My refrigerator uses about 130 watts, so yours is pretty close. The frequency and duration is also very similar to my own.

Just put in bubble view and open the main door to test. My freezer light has not been detected.

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UPDATE : amazing, thank you so very much!! crazy, thats exactly what it was. there might have been a error in the data, or in the user of the data, lol . hard to tell, but i went upstairs, opened the refrigerator side, and the bubble popped up saying light 1. freezer light, or lights in the other fridge or freezer have not been detected.
Thanks so very much again for your time, i greatly appreciate it.

old wrong stuff below from original reply… lol

why would the light go on when no one is opening the refrigerator ??
we are say both in the basement watching a movie, and it shows activity
I will test it, just because, why not lol but there are only 2 people in the house, and we didn’t open the door at those times,