Light efficiency test gone from app?

About a month ago the Android app had a feature where you could test the efficiency of a light fixture. It would count down and then you would turn on the light when it reached zero and it would display the power consumption. I cannot find that feature anymore. Was it removed? I know you can do this by just looking at the realtime graph, I’m just curious why it’s gone.

Haven’t seen anything like that on iOS. Do you remember what version ? And where in the app did you invoke it from ?

No, I do not know the version and cannot remember exactly where in the app it was. I believe it popped up as a suggestion, similar to a popup when a new device is found. Maybe someone on the Sense team can chime in?

Hey @hl2amdh4x0r, our team was doing some testing with a lighting check feature and it was released externally erroneously. Sorry for any confusion!

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