Link device to breaker number


It would be convenient to link a device to a breaker number from the main panel.
That is a simple data field for a given device, but I am sure many more feature could come out of this (like detect a tripped/faulty breaker, help in device detection, etc…)


While it definitely would be nice to put the circuit breaker # on devices that don’t change breakers, there are also devices that get moved around (e.g. vacuum cleaner) and plugged into different breakers, so those would need to be marked as mobile or no specific breaker.

A tripped breaker will definitely power off all devices connected to it, so if all of them are off, it points to the breaker being off, but not definitely. Some devices may run through cycles, so perhaps a field for maximum time a device is off (e.g. a refrigerator), would be helpful to recognize failures in that device, as well as whether the breaker maybe has tripped, and could have a notification if a device hasn’t run in a certain time period.