List of Recognized Devices



Could you publish a list of all recognized devices by Sense? Seems it would be useful to know if my devices have ever been learned.


Do all devices cross homes?
Ie, if it find a 'Sony 55" TV" in one home, of model XYZ123, does that translate that in every home it will find that, assuming it exists?


@mp3tocd_man does it really find that specific a TV or did you name it that way?


Not yet but that’s the eventual goal once their device database is sufficiently large and robust enough.

As more of the same models of devices in different homes gets added to the database, its specific device signature becomes more accurate.

That’s why there’s an entire entry on helping Sense by renaming devices: [quote]What does the data science team do with the new information? They make use of this annotated data, among other tools, to design appliance models. As is typical with machine learning and statistical algorithms, the more transcribed data available, the better the performance. By renaming an unnamed device appropriately, you help grow the Sense appliance corpus, which feeds into our training algorithms. This helps us improve the detection of not only your device, but also similar devices used by others. In this way, the whole community of Sense users is contributing to the improvement of Sense’s device detection![/quote]
To date, no one’s had a television identified yet (that I know of across the various forums, Facebook, Reddit, etc.)


Actually I just noticed that my TV & my fridge light seems to share an entry as Appliance Light. No good.


No, but they could put “Television” on the list and possibly an average for watts or even a range

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