Wish list?

I think it would be nice to have a list of most wanted devices for detection. That way you could focus your energy on the things people really want first. I understand there is a ton of devices out there but I bet many sense users have similar request. Mine is my TV. I would love to track usage on this. I have a samsung model UN55KU6300F, just in case its helpful. ha

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I would like the app to save the manually entered device info data for each device so one doesn’t have to gather all that data again, after a reset. Just saving the model number and user assigned device names in a cut-n-paste file accessible to the Android user would make life with Sense almost bearable. I’ll be filling in that info AGAIN after doing a Data Reset. Little things count!


Thanks for the suggestions.

@baallen12, do we factor in prevalence of different device types into what detection algorithms we prioritize. With regards to your TV, we are in the process of rolling out new TV detectors using NDI (network device) data. If you haven’t yet, I would enable Network Identification in Settings > My Home > Data Sources.

@1agkirk2, we’re looking at ways to allow users to enter information about devices they own (detected or not). I’ll be sure to pass this suggestion on there. Ideally, we’d like to address any issues around the need to reset though!

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