Lost connection to HS110

So Sense lost a connection to one of my smartplugs (HS110); i tried rebooting Sense, rebooting the HS110, but it doesn’t come back up. I talked w/ support and they mentioned that it looks like Sense is having trouble communicating w/ HS110; however the Kasa app has no issue communicating w/ the device (my HS110 is in the basement).

Is there a difference in how Sense communicates w/ HS110 (as compared to Kasa); Not sure how I can confirm/debug this further from my end. Has anyone run into something similar? What’s the solution?

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Did you get a solution to this? I just lost 12 of 13.

You can try turning off Network Listening and then turning it back on again. That seems to help in some instances. To do that, navigate to Settings > My Home > Connected Devices > Network Listening.

In any case, I’d suggest also reaching out to our Support team and reporting the issue.


I had this happen to me just today with one of my HS 300 power strips will go try to toggle network listening on off now

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Happened with one of my HS300’s. I turned it off then back on and it reconnected.

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Same for me. Lost the connection to only some of the Kasa devices on Sat, two of my HS300s, but didn’t notice until Mon night. A quick off/on toggle of the NDI seems to have done the trick, getting all of them back online.

Thanks @kevin1. I noticed the same and toggling NDI on/off quickly seems like an immediate fix.

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