Lost over 1 year of data on HS110 with Fridge attached

I have a fridge connected to an HS110 thats been collecting power use data for over a year. At some point a few months ago, the Sense integration with it broke while the HS110 continued to work.

Despite my voiced concerns in a support ticket about potential data loss, I was advised to disconnect the TPLink integration and reconnect it to resolve the problem.

I listened, it didnt resolve the issue, and it did result in all data for that plug from Jan 2020 to Feb 2021 disappearing from SENSE. Curiously, it shows history from December 2019 still

TWO questions for @sense, @JustinAtSense, or someone else that works at SENSE:

  1. Was there some way this could have been approached that would nott have resulted in data loss?
    This issue highlights on-going criticisms about the lack of data integrity with this solution when integrations and your algorithms false conflation are involved.

  2. is there someway to recover it?
    The fridge is the only appliance were I really cared about historical data. It allows for one to deduce if/when theres a problem like a failing part.

Due to the nature of the integration, disabling the smart plug integration for Sense will delete any other plugs that you currently have discovered by Sense as well under the specific integration along with their historical data. I typically recommend exporting the device history via the Web App data export prior to disabling the integration, just so you still have some of the data if necessary.

The data cannot be recovered for a smart plug device after the integration has been disabled. I understand the concern regarding a failing part, etc. A temporary workaround might be checking the Community Device Library for refrigerators to see if your fridge behavior looks out of the ordinary. I know there are a ton of variables that impact how often your fridge runs, but it might help as a baseline.