TP-Link questions

I have several HS-110’s and one of their power strips. I want to swap out the 110 for the power strip but not lose the history information. Is it possible to repurpose the HS-110 as a new device to Sense and keep the old information in static form? I know it wouldn’t be updated with the usage from the power strip outlets(another reason room grouping would be nice)

I want to move the HS-110 to my 120v EVSE for our Kia Soul EV and have new history start for that plug.

There is a way to repurpose and preserve data but it won’t be combined by sense.
You will have to add the new data and old data together manually.
The way to do this is with naming. Use different names each time so you can look at trends and usage to get historical data.

I am perfectly happy to freeze the old data in place. How can I do this?

One option is to use the data export feature in the web UI. That will not preserve the data in the web UI, however. You’d need to do any visualization later in Excel or some other program.

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