Manually Identify a Device is Off that Sense Thinks is On

Question for all on a feature that seems to have been removed. Can you tell sense a device is not on that it thinks is on?

This used to be possible by going to device, select manage>report a problem>device is not on. This is no longer an option and I see no way to do this.

It drives me nuts when this happens and the only way I can get it to go off is go turn the actual device on then turn it off again a few seconds later for sense to notice it turning off. Any suggestions would be great! TIA

I know they have their reasons why we cannot manually train the AI. I had my Sense since January, so Im not aware of that feature or why it was removed, but seems nice to have. It would be cool if toggling that would cross off one device on the list and the ai can re-analyze the signature at that time to attempt to correct it.

Sometimes, Sense gets confused when there are multiple large appliances on with similar signatures. For example, I was intermittently using my electric power washer while my central air condenser came on, and it classified my AC as the power washer. Then when I pulled the trigger, it didn’t correct and it had no idea the new load was my power washer. I’d bet that the power washer used a similar draw on one of the legs as my AC

I honestly am very pleasantly surprised and pleased with how many devices Sense picked up - especially after the recent monitor firmware update. I didn’t have high expectations for device discovery after reading a lot of bad reviews. Device detection wasn’t a priority for me, as my overall goal was to measure total usage (which by the way, is spot on accurate to my utility).

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Hi @jben.07 - this was removed as part of the v36 release. We explained why we moved the “Device is not on” option in the response I linked below: