Did the "Device Not On" button go away from the mobile App?

I used to use it when I knew a device was off, but sense reported it as on. For instance, Sense reports my coffee maker on every day in the evening (despite being on a remote switch that kills it’s power at 9AM, I don’t need it re-warming the water for 21 hours when it’s not needed). This is where I used to use that button. In reality, Sense is confusing the toaster over with the coffee maker. Previously they’d been independent.

I just want to remind Sense that the device is not on.

I noticed that as well. Not sure why they removed it.

It was removed in the v36 update

with a bit more explanation further down in that thread

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It’s a shame they did. It was easy to do that and it fixed the issue for me. But now my Sense thinks my kitchen fridge defrost heater is the same as my bread maker.
I’m not going to go through those extra steps to report the issue.

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