(oh..) ..the agony (Device not on button)

MachoDrone may be lazy. It takes him a long time of screen clicks to get to the newer location of “Device is not on”. Like 5 clicks plus 1 screen scroll… That’s 6 things. Each time MachoDrone is like thinking “do i really, really, REALLY want to click “Device is not on””?


MachoDrone should have added, some devices popup for very short periods, sometimes it’s mere seconds. I always wonder if I pressed the Device is not on fast enough. Lol.

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I think the device not on option disappears… If the device isn’t on :wink:

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I, too, have lamented how buried this button is. My oven is mis-detected as my old water heater that I haven’t had for about 6 months. I can’t bring myself to delete the old water heater because I want the data for comparison.

I think we’re all hoping to somehow contribute to the accuracy of device detection, and this was mentioned before as a recommended thing to do when inaccurate device detection happens.

If it’s not helpful (to push the Device not on button), Ryan would you let us know?

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I agree with the OP on this one.

I have been having a lot of device detection problems lately where two devices, previously detected just fine for months, have become mixed together.

Most recently my oven has started to be detected as my dryer but the dryer still detects normally most times too. So I have need to use the “device its not on” button a lot. But the button is buried so deep in the menu tree that its impossible to get to it while the mis-identified device is on.


I agree with this especially if this is the only way for us to help with the machine learning…should be front and center until they get the accuracy up.


Thanks for the feedback, guys. I’ve passed it along to the product team.


For anyone who didn’t see the original post and was confused on my thread, I edited it a few days ago attempting to edit a reply to another thread, but somehow over wrote this post’s opening post with gibberish.
I’ve corrected this leading post with the original content.
**Also, Does anyone remember where the original location used to be for Device not on? (The location several months ago?)

I would like to see this as well. Took me a while to find the device is not on buried deep in the UI.

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I agree with this especially if this is the only way for us to help with the machine learning…should be front and center…

That was well said. Sometimes imma in a hurry and was reluctant to offer a location for the button.
Only way for us to help and front and center says it all.

I’m actively going through a scenario with a more easily accessible “Device is not On” and a “Device is On” option would be equally helpful at least from a human interaction peace of mind point of view.

Our TV has for some reason started to fail to be detected when it turns off. This leaves Sense thinking the TV is sometimes on 24x7 even when it isn’t. It still generally does a good job of detecting when the TV is turned on yet is missing the off state quite a bit. I’ve been mashing that ‘not on’ button quite a bit for it and for our improperly detected AC components.

In parallel the TV varies how much power it uses based on what the screen is displaying and if it’s in HDR or not. Sense seems to hold rock steady at 171-172W no matter what the TV is doing, but that’s its own other issue to deal with.


I agree that the device not on button is kind of a pain to get to.

I would also like to see it available on the web app. Sense keeps confusing my fridge and aquarium heater, I usually notice this when I’m on my couch with the web app running on my laptop.

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Same here. Yesterday Sense thought my new stove was the dishwasher, but I couldn’t get to the device not on button before it disappeared. Which is kind of funny to think that I hesitated on replacing my stove, since the old one had been fully detected. Oh well, hopefully more new device notifications are on the way!

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We’re doing a lot of thinking here about how to improve Device is Not On (and, overall, how to get better user-submitted data from you guys). We know you’re eager to help and we appreciate it!

First off, thank you for continuing to provide us data via the Device is Not On feature. This data gathering can take time and feel unrewarding initially, but it eventually pays off. Two of our recent features point to this: For Community Labels, all the device renaming users did over time (especially the IDing of mystery motors and heats) helped our Data Science team build a neuro-net to power that feature. For NDI, users with some Samsung smart TVs already benefit from the feature, but we are also working on significantly improving “Always On” reporting to incorporate NDI data much more effectively. Thus, while using the Device is Not On feature may not provide immediate results, it provides our Data Science team with cues which can in turn be used to refine our device modeling, to the benefit of Sense users overall. That said, it’s a young feature and the process by which we incorporate your data is still very manual and imperfect. We care deeply about getting our users more involved in the detection process so we’re looking into ways of improving and augmenting the feature, including deeper UI integration (this thread was an eye opener on that front), options for other “quality of detection” reporting, and automation on our end that should result in quicker incorporation of this reporting in your detection models.

I should also mention that this is not the only way to help Sense along: keep using Community Labels, turn on NDI (even if it doesn’t help you directly), rename your devices and provide make/model, merge devices! All of this feeds to our DS team and benefits you and the user base more widely.


@RyanAtSense, just an update:
I deleted my first historic device a few days ago.
6 months ago we updated or kitchen which replaced our Range with a new one. The coffee maker was moved to a new circuit.
After the changes the coffee maker kept getting identified as the old Range. I wouldn’t always remember to look for it in Sense to ensure it wasn’t misidentified when in use.
When I would remember, I’d attempt to click Device Not On, but a handful of times, the coffee maker would already be inbetween On status before I made all the clicks to Device Not On. Therefore, the Device Not On button was not available.
So I just deleted the old Range device since there’s more times Sense identified the coffee maker as Old Range than I paid attention to.
No complaints, just an update.
There’s still a number of users that forgot Device Not On exists, or they never knew about the feature because it’s buried in the UI.

Yeah, easy access would be great. Every morning I’m having to tell Sense that my LG OLED TV is not on. It gets old fast.

This happened a few hours after I wrote my last post here


That’s Machine Learning for you. Didn’t you know it’s also monitoring this forum so it can better anticipate our needs? :stuck_out_tongue: