Report a problem, Device is not on

A device was found! When it presented the Oven was on, so I named it Oven. But in the day since it has claimed to come on several times when the Hot Tub is on. Should I say “Device is not on” under Manage Settings or should I rename it Hot Tub and wait for the Oven to be recognized? The Tub comes on 6 times a day.

@samwooly1 has a pretty good recommendation - figure out which device it is favoring and do the “Device is not on” for the other one. Hopefully that should tilt recognition even more in the direction of the “right” device.

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Not sure how to pick which one it is favoring, I see it instantly when the oven actually turns on, perhaps a slight delay on the hot tub, but that doesn’t turn on manually and doesn’t make any noise so it’s harder to tell exactly when it comes on. I have already told it twice in two days that its on in error when the tub is heating, so I have made my choice.

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I’ve found it takes 3 to 5 uses of “this device is not on” for it to stick.

Oddly after 3-4 uses it stopped responding when the Oven actually WAS on, so now I have renamed it Hot Tub and will try to support this new designation. Hope I am not screwing myself…

I’ve had the same happen. It has t lasted forever for me in most cases and started picking up the original detection. When it does, it’s usually more reliable.
I don’t know exactly how it works but I figure Sense is analyzing things more carefully and probably isn’t missing the detection at all. It’s probably refining things.