Repeated reporting Device is Not On unsuccessful

My hot tub, which is one of two 240v devices in the house, has yet to be identified after months and months and months. It ALWAYS shows up as the oven. And when I am watching (I have the oven set to alert me when it comes on) I report it with the Report a Problem item. Probably done that hundreds of times.

I have also reported this issue to Sense and 3 or 4 times they have gotten involved (the last time was months ago). They say they have made a change on their end, but nothing ever changes on my end.

Now the Nespresso is showing as on when the dishwasher drying cycle kicks in despite multiple attempts to report the issue. Isn’t there a way to correct this behavior?

Hi @israndy. This is tricky - I’m assuming the energy signatures for your oven and hot tub are very similar and this is causing conflation, which is typically hard for Support to correct. I had a similar situation with my Washing Machine and Dishwasher and was able to resolve this by utilizing Dedicated Circuit Monitoring to monitor my Washing Machine. While this won’t work for folks utilizing the middleport already, it’s a pretty immediate way to resolve the issue you’re having. I’ll reach out to you and see if this is an option.