Missing Device icons


Recently had a number of specific icons in the gui revert back to the generic sense logo. I went in to edit my devices this applies to (most all of them), but when i go to categories to reselect the option i see a large number of icons gone now. Anyone else experience this? happened a couple days ago.

Note that I am only able to utilize Android and Web App (have an open support case with Sense about being unable to log into iOS app). We cannot edit devices to this level in the web app yet, and i cannot verify if things would now look the same in iOS until i can get that separate issue resolved.



I have have noticed it on my iOS devices. Unfortunately Sense has only detected 2 devices accurately so only 1 icon has changed.


Hi @russ and @rjgroves - thanks for catching this.

This should have been fixed server side in the last 24 hours. Are you still missing these icons?

Let me know!


The icon shows up but then disappears.


Thanks Brad.

Relaunching the Android app I do not see an immediate change. I went into some of the affected devices to edits them and reselect he category but still see the generic icons listed. I see that an update to the Android app was just released. I will update it this evening and see if that corrects the issue there.

The WebUI presents an issue where it shows a generic icon there too, but of a slightly different type. Instead of being the main “sense logo”, the web shows me the “plug icon” (resembles nema 1-15p slightly).

Finally I’m waiting for the next iOS update where they publish the fix for my logon issue so I can compare to how things are displayed in there.

Will keep you posted


Got it, thanks @russ. Are you still having the iOS issue with v18 that was released yesterday?


Hi Brad. As a matter of fact updating the iPad app tonight fixed my login issue on iOS (I responded in the ticket to Tyler to let him know the good news).

Also icons look better now on the latest version of Android app, and iOS app too. I see many of the affected ones restored, and some surprising new ones.

So I think we are set now on both issues. Thanks for following up.


I dont know if this is the same issue or not. I upgraded to v18 and now several devices are missing icons entirely.

There is no icon for Dehumidifier or Power Tool.


Great to hear, @russ!

@dmagerl - this same issue popped up for us in some internal testing this week and we’re working on a patch now that will hopefully clear up these missing icons. Thanks for calling it out!

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