Missing labels on 'Now" chart


The chart on my Now page used to show labels showing devices turning on and off and most large wattage swings. Now it mostly shows small wattage swings (12-20w).

Is there a setting that controls this?


Go to the Device page and select the clock/bell next to Notification to turn on/off Timeline and Alert features.


Thanks. There seems to be lag between changing the settings and seeing the changes which also made it a bit confusing.


I guess I still find the chart labeling and notifications confusing.

  • The settings and the chart do not always seem to be in a agreement.

  • There are several different types of notifications, including 1) on the Now page timeline, 2) on-phone notifications, 3) email notifications, etc. I’d like to control these separately admittedly at the cost of a slightly more complex user interface.

Even just a bit more documentation in this area would be helpful (unless I’ve missed it - I’ve looked).


I’m a little confused as to what you’re asking. In terms of the ‘Power Meter’ on the Now page, those labels should automatically come on for devices that have been detected. There isn’t a setting that controls them.

In terms of notifications there are two types. There are the global notifications (Settings > Account > Notifications). This is where you can set if (and how) you’re notified when a new device is detected. You can toggle on/off email and push notifications in this respect.

There are also device specific notifications. You can toggle these by visiting a device’s page and tapping ‘Notifications’ under the device name. You can decide whether you want the device to appear on the timeline (Now screen). You can also choose to be notified (push) when the device turns off or on, and you can set custom notifications here based on an amount of time.

Let me know if you have any questions. Writing that all down, it does sound a little confusing. I can add this to our help center so others can easily find it in the future as well.


Ben, I’m experiencing the same issue on multiple Androids. All timeline labels disappear after a few minutes of operation on the Now Timeline. If I kill and restart the android app, the labels return, but only for a few minutes - if that. Seems like a bug in the Android app.


More info regarding above: I installed the Sense ios app on my wifes iPad. I confirmed that this problem (described above) only exists with our Android client apps (Samsung Tab 2 tablet and Motorola XT1254 smartphone).


I’m running the Sense app ver 1.17.3-3ec37fb on a Samsung Galaxy S 5 under Android OS 6.0.1. I don’t see this problem after 5 minutes.
It would sure be nice if the app developers would unlock the copy text feature, at least on the About Sense page, that way us old people could cop and paste the version data!
Edit : I just noticed the labels are missing if I go back more than an hour.


@Ed_Texas and @1agkirk2,

It sounds like there may be some confusion around how those power meter wattage labels work. Those labels appear when there’s a wattage change in real-time. If we know that the change is due to a device event (ON/OFF) then we also display the device’s name there. These labels are meant to give you a better real-time picture and thus when you close and then restart the app, the previous wattage labels will not be saved. Likewise, if you keep the app open, only a number of these wattage labels (in the 100s) will be displayed before the older ones begin disappearing.

If you’re interested in looking at previous device on/off events, the timeline below displays those events historically and has no limit.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!


Ben, Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. The Android app, in the Now Timeline View, stops adding new Labels after minutes of operation. It doesn’t produce any new labels until I Kill and Restart the android app. Please see my screenshot. This is evident in the screenshot I sent you with email.

This occurs with multiple Android phones and tablets.


My apologies for the confusion! Sounds like you and 1agkirk2 are talking about different things. I let our Android team know and someone is going to look into this. They definitely shouldn’t just stop appearing like that.


Nope, we are talking about the same issue! The Android app has many problems of which this is one. I have reported issues numerous times with no resolution. I just live with the deficiencies. The app works differently on start-up than when it is recalled from background.


1agkirk2, I believe you are referring to Label history which only persists for about an hour. My issue (on the other hand) is that on Android app, new Labels stopped being displayed after approx. a few minutes


My labels disappear in less than an hour and the largest number of labels is more like 15. Often the app requires a rotation from portrait to landscape to get the Timeline restarted after the app has been recovered from running in the background.
Sometimes the labels don’t display until I rotate the display.


Sorry for the delay and my apologies for any confusion. Our engineering team is looking into this power meter label issue.

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