Monitoring heat pump with Solar

I have a Sense/Wiser device installed since 2021 it has the main clamps and solar CTs connected. Is there anyway to add a DCM for my heat pump?

I’m pretty sure no, as there are only two connectors for CTs.

You’re correct - no DCM if you are already using the second set of CTs for solar, unless you install a second Sense unit - I bought a second one on the cheap and use for DCM only.

In order to fully understand the consumption demands of your heat pump, wouldn’t you need to monitor both the Heat Pump and the Air Handler (outside and inside units)?

Where did you get the second one “on the cheap”?

The inside unit is backup gas furnace and it’s ECM blower. It uses 3-5 kWh per day, the heat pump uses 50-100 kWh. Yes, to get the full picture…

I have an Emporia Vue monitoring both, but I hate the charting.

@phhowe, bought from a user who had purchased but decided not to install. I think I got the whole thing the extra sensors for 150$.