More pop overs blocking community page?

Hi @JuliaAtSense

to add to the bad UI/UX of the community page that keeps creeping in - this newsletter signup is now appearing for me.
There is no “remind me later, or opt out” checkbox.
I am already subscribed to the newsletter.
Not to mention that this asks for “Company Type” which makes it look like its targeted for installers, not consumers. And as I understand it, installers can’t actually subscribe to this forums as its only for users.

Where were you geographically when you saw this popup ? I don’t see it at home in California (or visiting Texas recently), but I had it pop up when I was visiting Europe. I think this popup is inherited from the main Sense site when geolocated outside of the North America. The non-NA is very different than the North American version.

ps: For me, the popup didn’t even include “User” as a “Company Type”. And I believe the newsletter they are referring to is the “International Business Development” version.

pss: Here’s one of the marketing views you won’t see in North America, but will see outside.

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Hi Kevin,

As usual you are spot on. I am currently in the UK for a week. Connecting back to my office via VPN and the prompt goes away.

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Hi Ben, it took me a while to figure it out from Portugal ! But the giveaway was the different content flavors on the website.

FYI - It looks like one gets a similar (though not the same ) popover if you go to the newish Sense for Utilities page.

OK - not even all North America. In Mexico today and got this when I started in the Community.

But the main site looks like the standard US website focused on the consumer Sense, not utilities.

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