Sense basic monitor and this community no longer?

The new website. Both standard and mobile versions.
No longer a link to buy the monitor.
Talks about “customers” but nothing for homeowners.
No link to these forums.

That panel I asked about has re-appeared.

If you click on “The Sense Energy Monitor” it brings you to the international utility page.

The bottom of the page looks like this. Duplicated, help, support and other things are missing.

Support is no longer being outsourced?


Mobile version same thing.

Hi @obscuredtrip, thanks for alerting us to this issue. Our team is aware that our US landing page is being directed to our International landing page and they are currently working on a fix.

Update - this is resolved. Please let us know if you run into any other issues!


I thought there was a non US page. The fact I wasn’t using a VPN and it was on both desktop (fiber) and mobile (cell) versions made me think something else was going on.
Glad it was a quick and easy fix.

Curious about “completely hosted in-house” support. International support is in-house but US (initial) support is not?