My Boosted Board (a Stealth) just got detected!

Amazing! I never world have guessed in a million years it will get it, but it did!

Now I’m wondering if it’s related to the EV work, or if there changing signatures are even remotely similar.

Interesting! Can you post a screenshot of the charging cycle from power meter? I’m curious as to what it looks like, but it probably does look somewhat similar to an EV.

Sure! Here’s a zoomed out and zoomed in one.

  • The little gap you can see in last screen shot after it started is when I unplugged, then plugged in again to confirm my suspicion that the device was actually the board.
  • It reported 100% charged around same time as the end of the block of, but then:
  • I left it plugged in over night and it seems to be doing those spikes all night.
  • I’ve unplugged now and will confirm the spikes stop too.

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