"Mystery XYZ found" email

I love receiving those emails from Sense titled “Mystery XYZ found”.
But why not throw in a little more information about this new mystery device? How much average power consumption? How long does it run on average? When did it last run? Could I see a power graph for the last week?
Instead, I have to go to the app to find the device in the list and dig into the details to get these questions answered. Sense already has my attention with the email. So it seems like a missed opportunity not to add the information it has about the device.


100 percent agree. I also want to know if it is a 120V load or a 240V load. That would really help me narrow down the difference between a number of devices!

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Left side/right side of the panel would be helpful too! Of course, that would mean we need to identify left side/right side CTS.

Thanks for the suggestion @martin.scheyhing! We will be updating those emails in the near future. While the plan isn’t to add the data directly into the email right now, we are going to be providing a link to the data in the email. This link will take you to the corresponding app screen (web app or mobile app depending on where you’re viewing from), so that you can quickly access that information.

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