Negative 8W on a cold day after a small snowfall

On a cold day (-28F) after a light snowfall (approximately 1.5”) my Sense Solar meter is showing -8W for solar production. Everything has been fine up to this point on warm days and after snowfall with warmer days. Is there a potential problem with my solar system?

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Is there sun now ? Is there snow obstructing panels ? I have a small negative read from Sense Solar at night - something like -5W that the inverter needs to stay online and talking to my network.

Extremely bright with minor snow cover.

Do you have a secondary source for power readings from your solar - from inverter/microinverters ?

Not at the moment, the connection is still to be wired down to ground level as the inverter is installed in an attic that is not accessible to me.

@solosk71, did you ever get your solar readings back ? Could it have been snow on the panels ?