Negative Cost Estimate?

I’ve had my Sense installed and running for about 2 weeks now. I also added the dedicated CTs (DCMs) on two circuits: Dishwasher + Furnace Blower. The plan is to move the dishwasher CT to the AC, but the latter is not running during the cold mid-west winter.

Now, after running few days, my dishwasher is reporting a yearly cost of $-13, yes, negative. Is my dishwasher generating electricity? … or (more seriously) did I install the CT sensor(s) backward? I did follow the exact instructions, but it seems the sensors came with the stickers/labels (solar) on the wrong side?

Also, so far the furnace blower is still reporting 14W standby, yet $0 cost estimate per year.

Any clue/thoughts as to what might be happening?

Also, when I got the CT sensors from Amazon, the box appeared ‘opened’, the cables were loose inside, and the stickers/labels seemed to be tampered with. There were no manuals inside the box, just a red business card with the Sense’s web address. Did I possibly get a returned/defective item?

Just open a support ticket and Sense will fix the negative numbers on their end. That was my experience.

Is this a wiring issue (how CTs are installed) or is it a software issue?

You would typically be seeing other indications that something was not installed correctly if this was an issue with installation. Support will be able to confirm whether this is a bug or an installation issue.