NEM Solar Customers - If You Could Choose Your True-Up Date

Question for all you NEM Solar Customers out there.

If you could choose your annual True-Up date, what would it be?

The reason I ask is because my True-Up is in May. I really like this date, but would probably push it back a month or so at the start of my solar production ramp-up. I like collecting energy credits and knowing what my NEM “bank” looks like, and then managing and monitoring my energy consumption in the wintertime when my consumption exceeds production. I think of it as being able to eat the acorns that I stored for the winter. And it helps me to know how many acorns I have in storage.

My friend disagrees. His True-Up is in October. And he likes to consume energy and go into “acorn debt”, and then get out of debt in the Spring/Summertime when production is forecasted to be high.

I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone learns to live and favor their True-Up date regardless of when it is. But I thought I’d ask the question here to see if anyone has any interesting opinions.