New Installation Looks Unusual. Solar Inverter Problem?

I installed my new Sense about five days ago and I’m seeing Power Meter signatures that look unusual to me. During times when my solar inverter is producing high power, the graph starts looking very choppy. This may be completely normal, but I don’t remember seeing this sort of thing in any of the YouTube videos I watched. Is this caused by our AC kicking in while the solar panels are putting power out on the grid, or do I have a problem with my inverter? Any help or random thoughts are appreciated.

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Hmm. That does look a bit odd. There’s some really, really smart people on here so someone may be able to chime in with an answer, but you might want to shoot a message as they can definitely help figure out what’s going on.

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That looks like a CT misplacement.

Have you gotten it sorted yet?

It’s not sorted yet. I installed the CTs myself. Can you elaborate on your suspicion? I made sure the CTs were facing the same direction, but the CTs on the solar circuit were not perfectly perpendicular to the conductor. Is that a problem?

I think you’re good from your description. I would get in touch with support if you haven’t already. If it’s not a CT directional thing, then it’s a Sense reading adjustment thing. Initially, they didn’t have this quite figured out and you would have to contact them to get them to set it straight (about a year ago). Then they seemed to have figured some automatic way to correct it, but it seems to have failed in your case. They should be able to fix it manually.

Unless there’s something funky about your panel, it looks like what would happen if I had one CT facing the wrong direction. Since you mentioned you have them correct, Sense support will have to go in and change something as simple as a (-) to a (+) in a line of code or something.

The only other thing I’d suggest, while your waiting, is checking that your CTs are plugged firmly into your unit. You might try blowing out the ports, too. The other time I’ve seen something like that is after about a year of installation, I must’ve had some dust in the ports or something. I unplugged them, blew the port out, replugged in and haven’t seen that sort of issue since.

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I contacted support late last week and received a reply this morning. Here’s an excerpt:

Taking a look at your data from our end, we noticed that your solar production was pulling your consumption down to a negative value which was preventing your Sense Monitor from passing the signal check process. However, I have gone ahead and pushed a fix to one of the settings in your monitor that should fix this issue.

The fix they pushed seems to have done the trick. Things are looking much smoother today. Thanks for your help.


Glad to hear they were able to help.

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